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Southern Yorke Peninsula is surrounded by the sea and is well known for its spectacular coastal scenery.

The popular Innes National Park is only 50km from Warooka, but there is so much more in the way of secluded beaches and cliff top magnificence! The north coast (unusual in mainland southern Australia) boasts beautiful, white sandy beaches perfect for swimming. The west coast has many fantastic surf locations, including the never-ending sands of Berry Bay, Pondalowie, Formby Bay and Daly Head, which has been declared a National Surfing Reserve - the first on Australia's southern coastline.


The Peninsula is also known for excellent fishing, be it beach, rock, boat or jetty. Down on the south coast you'll find more great fishing and camping spots including Hillocks Drive, a private property allowing access to 7km of coastline to explore and even spot a Southern Right Whale from June - October. Great views to Kangaroo Island can be seen from higher points on the south coast and inland.

Scenery inland changes from gently rolling farmland to mallee scrub and the unique Peesey Swamp, which cuts the 'foot' from the 'leg' of Yorke Peninsula. The Peesey is actually a rift valley with the presence of seashells evidence of the area once being under water.


Warooka is situated on Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, approximately 250km from Adelaide. 

Easy to find, Ballara is in the Main Street opposite the school. 



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